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The Age of Aquarius and Covid 

The Age of Aquarius has a solution for Covid. It’s Far-UV or UV-C mild. Secure ultraviolet mild which destroys Covid in minutes. We’re at the moment in an extended Aquarius cycle which started with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, close to the Millennium, and it intensifies in March 2023 when Saturn leaves Aquarius and Pluto enters Aquarius. In a second I’ll have a look at the astrology and the science, and why a small Boston nightclub is quietly altering the longer term.

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Aquarius Star Constellation

Ultraviolet Aquarius

It’s typical of astrology that a solution must be an ideal piece of synchronicity.

As we go into this historic new final stage of The Age of Aquarius (Pluto has not been within the signal for 248 years; the sequence we’re seeing of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the North Node in Aquarius is much more uncommon) the signal is within the highlight. And, hidden inside Aquarius we discover the reply. Ultraviolet mild.

How Ultraviolet Mild is the Finish of Covid

As a gaggle of lecturers from Britain and America have discovered, what is called Far-UV or UV-C mild, at residence or work, means the tip of indoor Covid transmission. There isn’t a silver bullet vaccine. However, there may be hope. And the hope is the phenomenon of a lightweight which suggests – if all of us have this indoors – it’s over.

As Columbia College has discovered, this protected, highly effective form of Ultraviolet mild, makes indoor air as protected as outside air. And…proper now in Boston, there’s a small-scale, very early experiment in a cabaret membership which is exhibiting astonishing outcomes, since becoming the lights, to the tune of US $16,000. There have been no Covid outbreaks linked to their membership since February 2022. So, that’s round six months, as I publish this in July 2022.

Bands, Golf equipment, Groups and The Age of Aquarius

So, what about this Boston membership? As WGBH stories, “With ultraviolet safety, one Boston cabaret could also be safer from COVID-19 than virtually wherever.”


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Aquarius and Teams

Aquarius guidelines the Eleventh Home of bands, golf equipment, groups and all circles of buddies, in astrology. It’s been linked to the concept of a various neighborhood for over 2000 years. An Aquarius in Rome was the water-bearer who provided the Roman Baths, the place individuals from all backgrounds gathered collectively.

It’s my job to look into the longer term and as a lot of you already know, I predicted a virus, date-stamped, twice, in 2019. I noticed it coming, utilizing astrology. Now, I’m utilizing astrology once more to look extra intently at indoor Far-UV or UV-C Ultraviolet mild and why it will likely be crowdfunding of such mild, led by music venues which breaks by means of in 2022.

Predictions for the Age of Aquarius and Covid

It’s my prediction that on the Pluto in Aquarius cycles (dates beneath) it will likely be golf equipment and teams which use crowdfunding to buy Far-UV/UV-C mild for his or her venues, or membership charges. That is the way it begins. Via Aquarian considering.

And…the ability of Ultraviolet isn’t restricted to Covid. Watch the Monkeypox virus story too. In reality, right here we’ve a really particular form of mild which might remodel the pharmaceutical business as we all know it. This isn’t about needles. It’s about mild.

The Dates to Look ahead to Covid Solutions to 2044

As these dates coincide with the American election, it is extremely probably {that a} change in coverage on the White Home in 2024/2025 takes the UV-C resolution out of the golf equipment and venues and into each residence and work area. As we go additional into the longer term, to the 2040’s (twenty years away as I publish this) we’ll additionally see this type of considering (the hive thoughts; the group) transfer us far past Covid options, and into options for the Local weather Emergency – carried out.

March twenty fourth to June eleventh 2023
January twenty second to September 2nd 2024
November twentieth 2024 till March ninth 2043
September 2nd 2043 to January nineteenth 2044

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NASA on Aquarius

NASA tells us {that a} dying star referred to as the Helix Nebula within the constellation of Aquarius is pouring out ultraviolet radiation. The Helix Nebula is also called the Eye of God. So right here we’re, going by means of the Age of Aquarius, with Pluto about to enter the register March 2023 (he stays till January nineteenth 2044) and we’ve a Covid resolution hidden inside what scientists nickname, God’s Eye. Unusual however completely true. Constellation, above, Wikimedia Commons.

Helix Nebula Wikmedia Commons - Covid in the Age of Aquarius

The Eye of God

The Helix Nebula, tucked away inside Aquarius, was nicknamed the Eye of God or God’s Eye Nebula as a result of it seems like an enormous eye in area.

The nickname began showing after the discharge of the picture taken by the NASA Hubble House Telescope in November 2002. The world-changing discovery that Far-UV or UV-C Ultraviolet mild safely destroys Covid within the air, was made round twenty years later.

It’s time to show our eyes on the Boston cabaret, the music-loving professors and the astonishing real-world experiment that just about no person is aware of about – but. It’s happening in The Napoleon Room at Membership Cafe in Boston and Professor Ed Nardell from Harvard Medical College organised each the donation and the set up of the UV-C lights. Professor Nardell is a cabaret singer on the membership on open microphone nights. And they’re now masks off. Boston 25- Information stories it’s additionally a preferred LGBTQ+ venue which is true to the Aquarius message. Variety in the neighborhood.

Club Cafe Boston Exterior - Covid in the Age of Aquarius

Picture of God’s Eye: Wikimedia Commons. Photographs of Membership Cafe from Boston 25 Information, the main information station.

Boston 25 News - Covid in the Age of Aquarius

 Columbia College and St. Andrews College on UV-C

It’s solely been since March twenty third 2022 that the world’s main universities have been in a position to lastly go public with their discoveries – and Professor Ed Nardell from Harvard Medical College and his astonishingly profitable membership experiment have matched the timing. In reality, an enormous vary of hospitals and universities had been concerned in each America and Britain, within the examine Far-UVC (222 nm) effectively inactivates an airborne pathogen in a room-sized chamber.

Now, you wouldn’t count on astrology to type any a part of that form of examine. It’s a unique world. However astrology is a complementary line of enquiry to science, and as Pluto attracts ever nearer to Aquarius, that is the longer term.

Kenneth Wooden PhD from the College of St. Andrews has commented, “When it comes to stopping airborne illness transmission, far-UVC lights might make indoor locations as protected as being exterior on the golf course on a breezy day at St. Andrews.”

UK US Academics - Covid in the Age of Aquarius

Helix Nebula Wikimedia III 300x227 - Covid in the Age of AquariusPreserving an Eye on the Finish of Covid

It’s necessary to notice there isn’t any silver-bullet vaccine for Covid. There isn’t a remedy. In astrology, we watch the cycles of the mutable indicators, triggering the charts of generations born with outer planets in mutable indicators. The final time we noticed this type of implosion, was HIV-AIDS.

We’ve not seen a remedy for that both. And but by means of social change, new legal guidelines and behavior change, HIV-AIDS is now managed. These astrological cycles recommend the longer term is Ultraviolet indoors.

The businesses who make your family home equipment are already rolling out home-use items to plug into the wall. And you may view the Aquarius constellation any time you want, by means of a telescope, beaming out the miraculous UV mild by way of the Eye of God. (Picture: Wikimedia Commons)