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Leo Decan 1 ~ Jul 22 to 31 2022. The weekly horoscope runs as an Egyptian week, ie 10 days. It’ll begin because the Solar strikes into a brand new decan and appears at what fastened stars it hits throughout the decanate week. The star interpretations are written for these born with their Solar on that diploma, however the common temper of the day will carry that flavour too. Leo Decan 1’s fantastic instinct is a superb back-up when science can’t clarify it for them.

Stately Elevators & Busy Bees

It’s because they’ve a hotline to the knowledge of their ancestors by way of the star cluster within the coronary heart of Most cancers. Leo, generally, is meant to have a prophetic potential and I feel this comes from this previous/future connection.

Mentioning the brand new era and leaving a legacy to them is massively necessary to Leo decan 1. They’re very pleased with their roots and ancestry. Feeling a part of a continuum in historical past and preserving household traditions and skills appear to be a theme with this decan.

The tarot card related to this decan is the 5 of wands.“The 5 of Wands tears up the rule books … and begins to put in writing its personal. Its vitality explodes, the Wands splitting in a number of instructions suddenly. It’s unclear what is going on and the place all of it will finish.

Drama, mayhem and chaos will rule the day. Anticipate the surprising for that’s the solely factor that may be relied on… Fireplace likes to journey and develop. It doesn’t prefer to be held again or restricted. It’s a optimistic forward-flowing vitality that thrives on momentum and enthusiasm.” ~ Teachmetarot. 

You may clearly see the dramatic and boisterous vitality of Leo depicted on this card. The competitiveness and wrestle of Saturn ruling this decan are additionally evident too….

July 24/25

Leo 2º 48’ ~ Talitha within the entrance paw of Ursa Main the Nice Bear 3.0*

Talitha within the bear means ‘daughter of the meeting’. Robson provides no which means for it, however it’s related to a bible story the place Jesus known as to revive a dying lady. Jesus says “Talitha come up”, so this star can convey therapeutic and compassion together with Ursa Minor’s different protecting, nurturing traits. This aspect of Leo decan 1 is much less apparent, because the natives of the constellation of Most cancers are literally eager retailers and don’t usually have the Solar signal Cancers delicate, nurturing qualities.

July 26/27

Leo 4º 15’ ~ Al Tarf within the southern hind foot of Most cancers the Crab 3.8

Al Tarf resides within the Crabs foot. Manilus says of the Most cancers constellation that it provides “talent in making earnings; he allows a person to hold his funding of overseas merchandise from metropolis to metropolis and, …to go looking out underneath overseas skies contemporary sources of acquire, and from the excessive value of his items to amass sudden wealth.…His is a shrewd nature, and he is able to combat for his earnings.” [1] Al Tarf is typically translated because the Look of the Lions eye, for the Arabs constellation Leo was a lot bigger and comprised of gifted Spica in Virgo and even a few of Gemini. One can think about that “look of a Lion” may simply overpower a enterprise rival.

July 28

Leo 6º 02’ ~ Azmidiske in Puppis of Argo the Nice Ship 3.5

Azmidiske is discovered within the stern of Argo. This nice ship is “mentioned to present prosperity in commerce and voyages, and willpower and spirit.” The Puppis is the strict in the back of the ship the place in antiquity you’ll discover attractive elaborate woodwork. Leo decan 1 have an excellent appreciation for magnificence and the humanities. The Latin phrase Puppis means “a doll or small picture, the Romans and different historic seafaring peoples had a small sacred idol or picture affixed to the strict, the place the deity it represented may watch over the vessel” Typically these protectors have been beasts and continuously they have been certainly depicted as Lions. In fact it’s common to see lion statues grace the gateways to the homes of the nouveau riche. We’re positively getting a robust protecting lioness theme right here. The Nice mom bear of Ursa Main symbolizes quiet, feminine energy that solely turns violent if she has to defend her cubs.

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July 29/30/31

Leo 7º 20’ ~ Praesaepe within the Beehive Cluster in Most cancers the Crab 3.7
Leo 7º 32’ ~ Asellus Borealis the Northern Donkey In Most cancers the Crab 4.7

The celebrities of the constellation of Most cancers are all fairly dim, however the star cluster Praesaepe within the coronary heart of the crab, M44, is a putting function. It is called the Beehive Cluster as a result of it comprises a swarm of forty-plus stars that are seen to the bare eye as a mud cloud. Praesaepe additionally means crib, secure or enclosure, and certainly surrounding this cluster are two donkeys.

There are some extremely adverse interpretations for this sacred birthing place nonetheless. Early twentieth century astrologers appear to concentrate on the greedy, shifty, sideways gate of the Crab and the actual fact it’s a mere animal. And as common something with a non secular connection appears to herald dependancy issues too; Ebertin says of the crustacean “One can observe a longing for and abuse of stimulants, luxurious foodstuffs, narcotics, medication and heavy smoking.”  [2]

Robson maintains Praesaepe “causes illness, shame, journey, insolence, wantonness, brutality, blindness” However he doesn’t overlook the busy beehive connection, so he then provides it provides “trade, order and fecundity; and makes its natives lucky although liable to loss by way of others, and the founders of enormous companies.” 

Robson manufacturers anybody with the Solar Praesaepe as having an “Evil disposition (was once a time period in astrology for homosexuality), assassin or murdered, blows, stabs (operations these days for blows, stabs, wounds), critical accidents, taking pictures, execution, banishment, imprisonment…..”  Since Praesaepe is a nebulae, the orb is strictly underneath 1º, the birthdays above may not be correct if you’re born earlier than 1950 and bear in mind there may be all the time a excessive vibration various.

A extra optimistic take is that the blindness present in nebulae and clusters can be interior imaginative and prescient and the flexibility to “see” into different dimensions. In historic instances this ‘Blindness’  was in all probability short-sightedness. Which might’ve been an actual handicap earlier than the invention of glasses. Right here is an attention-grabbing interpretation for each the beehive and the asses from Ebertin; “the Chinese language gave this group of stars in Most cancers the title “the spirit of the ancestors” and have been of the opinion that if conjunct the Moon they’d have peculiar experiences with the realms of the lifeless.” [3]

Full interpretation of natal Leo Decan 1

*Star Positions for the 12 months 2000.
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