Love Horoscope for the Week of August 8 —


The week begins with an emotionally demanding tone which is totally in contrast to the standard type you’d count on from Venus in Most cancers. Positive, she could be prepared to stamp her foot and pout if she doesn’t get her means, however she’s hardly ever shouty about it. That is probably not the case early on this week, as Venus in Most cancers is reverse Pluto, with the precise facet taking place on Monday. That’s a time when wants for affection and finance and sugar are all going to be notably demanding. Be ready to spend additional time comforting and inspiring your family members, and ensure you have an additional pint of ice cream saved away in case you have to cover on the sofa and watch Netflix.

Not serving to any: the truth that Mars in Taurus isn’t precisely a grasp of focusing or containing its mood correctly, and Mars continues to be inside vary of the sq. to Saturn. This might lend a further tone of iciness to the week’s proceedings.

Somewhat than merely fade out as Venus leaves the ultimate levels of Most cancers, it is going to exit with considerably of a bang due to this, aided and abetted by two distinct occasions on Thursday. First, there’s a Full Moon at 19 levels Aquarius. Now if you end up pondering, “Hey, that’s dangerously near the sq. to Uranus and the conjunction to Saturn, and that may imply that this specific Full Moon is basically massive and actually irritable,” then congratulations, you’ve been paying consideration. Plenty of rigidity that has been constructing for months now will begin coming quickly unraveled. If any tensions have been build up between you and a beloved one within the final week or so, Thursday is probably not the perfect time to handle these points. Likewise, don’t be too shocked if somebody throws a very thorny challenge into your lap to take care of.

At this level, it seems like we may all use a change of tempo, couldn’t we? Happily, the Zodiac is throwing us a little bit of a bone this week as (additionally on Thursday) Venus leaves Most cancers and enters Leo. It doesn’t take lengthy finding out astrology to be taught that Venus in Leo is related to having a very good time and playfulness and romance. None of that is assured, after all — similar to every thing else in life, if you wish to attend the carnival, you have to purchase a ticket. However it is going to assist set the tone for the next weeks if what you’re on the lookout for is to shake off your burdens and get out and socialize and meet and greet and really feel extra like a linked particular person once more. Plenty of us want that type of factor currently. So thanks, Venus in Leo!